Laude System

What is the ֱ Laude System?

On January 24, 2017 the ֱ Board of Education approved implementation of a laude system beginning with the Class of 2022. A laude system is a way to recognize academic honors in our graduates. Rather than using a traditional class ranking system based on GPA, the laude system establishes tiers of achievement that recognize students for the rigor of their academic program as well as their success in coursework.

Who uses a Laude System?

The laude system is used by many high schools and colleges, both locally and nationally. The goal of the shift to laude is to create a fair system that allows all students to be honored for their achievements, rather than to just recognize the top few in a graduating class. Laude allows students to challenge themselves to do their best rather than asking them to compete with their peers for the top status. Finally, a laude system also allows students to take traditional level courses that they may be interested in (i.e. Accounting) without jeopardizing their laude status.

How is Laude status determined?

A range of weighted grade point averages determines the various laude tiers including summa cum laude, magna cum laude, and cum laude. The graph below shows the laude system for Bradford High School, Tremper High School, Indian Trail High School, Kenosha eSchool, Lakeview Technology Academy and Harborside Academy.

Laude Recognition

Weighted Grade Point Average Range

Summa Cum Laude (Highest Honor)


Magna Cum Laude (Great Honor)


Cum Laude (Honor)


Can students at Indian Trail Academy or Reuther Central High School earn Laude recognition?

Yes. However, because of their specific program requirements and different course offerings–including fewer AP and/or Honors opportunities–the laude range for Indian Trail Academy and Reuther Central High School is adjusted to reflect program and course availability. If a student takes a class at a different school, the laude ranges at the student’s primary enrollment school will determine the qualification of summa, magna or cum laude.

Laude Recognition

Reuther Central HS

Weighted Grade Point Average Range

Laude Recognition

Indian Trail Academy

Weighted Grade Point Average Range

Summa Cum Laude


Summa Cum Laude


Magna Cum Laude


Magna Cum Laude


Cum Laude


Cum Laude


What are weighted grades?

Along with the implementation of the laude system, a new weighting system was approved by the school board.  Advanced placement courses will now carry more weight than honors or traditional courses in the weighted grade point calculation.  Below is the table showing the weight of each type of course:

Course Weight in GPA Calculation (Class of 2022)





A+, A, A-




B+, B, B-




C+, C, C-




D+, D, D-




Do after-school courses count in the grade point calculation?

Students are able to take after-school courses when offered (i.e., Theater Practicum or Stage Management). After-school courses will be graded and transcripted but zero credit will be tied to the course.  The zero credit award only applies to courses taught within our school buildings and does not apply to eSchool or dual enrollment/dual credit courses.  Courses taken through eSchool will continue to both show on a transcript and be awarded credit. 

How will students know where they stand by class rank?

Rank will not be visible on transcripts but will be available, when necessary,  for scholarship and college applications. School counselors will meet with the student to understand the necessity and can arrange to provide a transcript with rank via the school Registrar.

When is the final class rank determined?

Final class rank is calculated following the 7th semester of high school.

How will class valedictorian and salutatorian be identified?

Beginning with the Class of 2022 this system will no longer be used and will be replaced with the laude system.