Policy Concerning Home-Prepared Foods

Frank Matteo, Director of Health for Kenosha County, in a letter to Kenosha County schools dated November 14, 2004, addressed and encouraged schools to adhere to the safe public health practice of no home-prepared foods in schools.

By adhering to this safe public health practice and requesting food items which are manufactured from a licensed facility promotes the following:

  1. Controls the spread of communicable disease from infected individuals and minimize the transmission to student and staff.  Licensed facilities are inspected and monitored by public health officials.
  2. Reduces economic hardship for parents/guardians that would require staying home from work with infected children when their child is excluded from school during a communicable disease outbreak.
  3. Reduces the risk of a life-threatening reaction for students with known allergies to certain food products.

Therefore, Kenosha Unified Schools will continue to encourage safe food practices in our school settings in order to maintain a healthy student and staff population.  These safe and health practices promote school attendance, yield a safer school environment and support the ֱ’s educational goals.