Career-Based Learning Experiences

Career-Based Learning Experiences (CBLE) programs are opportunities whereby students can achieve academic competence while focusing upon becoming career and college ready. The program is coordinated and supervised by school district staff so that there is a strong connection between classroom learning and the work experience.

Students, employers, and teachers are held accountable to the learning experience by the student’s goal of completing a portfolio of industry competencies (tasks) and basic employability skills. Upon successful completion of the experience, the student is awarded a certificate from a state agency.

Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship

The Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship program integrates school-based and work-based learning. There are a variety of youth apprenticeship choices offered through the district. Discussion with a Youth Apprenticeship Specialist helps a student choose an option that best meets his or her needs and career goals. Programs are a one- or two-year program that integrates required classroom instruction with a paid work experience. Programs are available in eleven career cluster areas. The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development administers the Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship program.

Benefits to Students

  • Explore careers and determine if it is a fit for a future pathway
  • Build a resume for career portfolio, college and scholarship applications
  • Receive a paycheck
  • Develop employability and career skills
  • Earn credit for working
  • Receive a skills certificate of occupational proficiency from the Department of Workforce Development
  • Build a network of professionals

How to Become a Youth Apprentice

Meet with the Youth Apprenticeship at your school to discuss career interest.  During the junior and/or senior year students will continue to take courses at their high school while working as an apprentice at a participating business.  Students will be enrolled in a technical class related to their youth apprenticeship program.  Many students do get release time to leave school and go to work.  During a one-year apprenticeship, students will work a total of 450 hours and complete competencies in the youth apprenticeship program that relates to their career pathway.  During this time students are assigned a mentor in the business who ensures that the competencies in the apprenticeship are being met.  A student may opt to do a two-year apprenticeship that includes completing 900 hours of work and additional program competencies.  At the end of the apprenticeship, students will receive a certification of occupational proficiency.

ֱ Youth Apprenticeship Specialists:

Employability Skills Standards Certificate Program

This program is offered by the district to provide any and all students with a work-based learning experience that promotes the basic employability skills. This experience, either a one- or two-semester program, leads to a certificate being issued from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Program registration, student registration and the evaluation process is handled by the Coordinator of Career & Technical Education at the Education Support Center. The portfolio of competencies is available through the .  To register for the program please email Aaron Williams.