Teaching and Learning

Welcome to our Teaching and Learning page! Our efforts as a department are focused on creating personal and academic success for each child.  We are committed to providing exceptional learning opportunities for our students and staff. It is our goal to provide college and career-ready skills for every student to be successful upon graduation.

As an instructional department, we have one major goal. This goal is to improve student achievement for all students in ֱ schools. We have four strategies to help us attain our goal.


  1. Create models of personalized learning that encompasses collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication around meaningful targets.
  2. Ensure all students and staff are proficient in information, technology, and media literacy to be successful in the global community.
  3. Establish authentic learning environments that require research-based instructional strategies, to promote student use of communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking skills.
  4. Provide a continuum of timely and varied feedback, for all stakeholders that deliver information necessary to ensure student success.

We also support Kenosha Unified educators by providing high quality professional development resulting in the increase of student achievement in every classroom for every student. We provide learning opportunities to enhance the art and science of teaching, leadership, and service for all. We provide support for the Common Core and Curriculum at the district and school levels to ensure that each child is college and career-ready!

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