Special Needs Scholarship Program (SNSP)

To be eligible to participate in the SNSP, a student must have an IEP or services plan that meets program requirements. An IEP is a written statement that outlines an educational plan for a student with a disability who is enrolled in a public school. IEPs are developed, reviewed, and revised by a student’s IEP team. A services plan is a written statement that describes the special education and related services a public school will provide to a student with a disability placed in a private school by his/her parent.

IEPs and services plans are developed by a Local Education Agency (LEA). LEAs include public school districts and independent charter schools. A plan developed by a private school that describes the services it will provide to students attending their school does not meet the SNSP eligibility requirements.

An IEP or services plan meets program requirements if either:

  • The student’s IEP or services plan is being implemented at the time the student applies for the SNSP, or
  • The student’s IEP or services plan was developed no earlier than 3 years prior to September 15 of the school term for which the student is submitting an application (for example, September 15 for the current school year) AND there has not been a more recent reevaluation that determined the student no longer had a disability.