Material Distribution Procedures

Approval process:
Any individual or organization wishing to notify students of upcoming events is subject to Policy 1520. Upon approval from the superintendent or their designee, distribution of marketing materials shall take place via the district’s Virtual Backpack webpage and be regularly shared by schools via a Virtual Backpack link in school e-newsletters, along with a notice that a limited number of hard copies are available in school offices.

Distribution shall not be construed as an endorsement or approval of the materials by the district. Recognizing the primary mission of the district is to meet the educational needs of its students, the district reserves the right to deny requests. No student may be required, coerced or harassed to accept the materials. Requests may be approved if ALL of the following are true:

  • The event is educationally beneficial to students
  • The event is age-appropriate for students at the discretion of the superintendent or their designee
  • Materials are submitted for review one month prior to the event
    • Requests should be sent to Tanya Ruder at and must contain a copy of the flyer as well as a list of schools it is intended for (e.g. all schools; elementary schools only; or specific schools, such as Brass and Lincoln, etc.)
  • Distribution guidelines provided upon approval are followed
  • The requesting organization provides materials in English and Spanish
  • The requesting organization agrees to deliver at least 20 copies in both English and Spanish to schools to make available to families who may not have access to technology (may be dropped off or mailed to schools)

All flyers must contain the following items or the request will be denied:

  • the name of the sponsoring group,
  • detailed information regarding the event, including date, time, location and costs associated to participate, and
  • the following disclaimer MUST be on the front in 12-point bold font or larger:
    • “This material and/or activity is not sponsored by ֱ or its personnel.” and/or
    • “Este material y/o actividad no está patrocinado por ֱ o por su personal.”

If approved:

  1. 20 copies in both English and Spanish must be delivered to schools to make available to families who may not have access to technology (may be dropped off or mailed to schools)
  2. All deliveries must contain a copy of the signed approval letter received from the district or the materials will not be distributed
  3. NOTE: building principals have the ability to approve/deny distributions for their building at their discretion