Board of Education

Group photo of the ֱ school board members

Policies regarding students, staff, educational programs, physical plants and equipment, and relations with the community are set by the Board of Education. The Board also established the budget for the ֱ and negotiates with employee groups and their unions.

A Regular School Board meeting will usually be held on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00 P.M. It is anticipated that Board committees will be scheduled the second week of each month. All regular meetings of the Board are open to the public. Special Board meetings called by the President are also open. Executive sessions (special meetings called which may relate to personnel matters, negotiations, buildings and sites) are closed to the public in accordance with Wisconsin Statutes.

All regular Board meetings held at the Educational Support Center (ESC) are cablecast live and are recorded for repeat cablecast on Cable Channel 20, the ֱ’s own television channel, available to those who subscribe to local cable television company services. All regular Board meetings held at ֱ sites other than the ESC are recorded for playback on Cable Channel 20.

Advance notice of Board meetings is sent to all local news media. The notice includes time, location and topics of all Board meetings, including Executive Sessions. Official proceedings of the Board of Education meetings are currently published in the Kenosha News.

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Rules Pertaining to Public Comment

Time Limit

  • You have three (3) minutes maximum speaking time.
  • At the expiration of three minutes, the microphone will be muted.
  • If you do not conclude your comments within three minutes, the school board President or ֱ official will ask you to stop speaking and leave the podium.
  • The public comment period will be limited to 45 minutes total speaking time unless extended by a motion and vote of the Board.


  • Conduct yourself with respect and civility.
  • No disruptive, abusive, or harassing conduct.
  • No vulgarities, profanities, or threatening language.
  • The President may prohibit further comments if your remarks violate this rule.

Topics for Discussion

  • Do not comment on confidential personnel disputes.
  • Do not address grievances with respect to individual ֱ employees unless they pertain to matters of public concern.
  • Do not comment on complaints involving individual student disciplinary matters.

Board Response

  • Pursuant to Wisconsin’s Open Meetings Law, Board members will not respond to public comments unless the topic was identified on the public posting of the Board agenda.


  • The use of the gavel signifies recess or adjournment of a meeting.
  • If the gavel is used, stop talking and leave the podium.


  • Individuals displaying placards, signs, and/or banners may not stand behind the speaker at the podium or block any attendee’s view of the meeting.

PLEASE NOTE — If any individual’s behavior constitutes a threat to the health or safety of another individual(s) at the meeting, law enforcement may be contacted to restore order and safety.